Sixty days, 50.000 euros, a bus to drive laborers to the fields.
A new adventure has begun for Yvan Sagnet’s No Cap International Network.

Yvan Sagnet, President of the No Cap International Network with a 10 years experience on the
field says: “The gang masters exercise their power in logistics and transport to make the workers
blackmailable. The workers need concrete services.”

A new challenge for Yvan Sagnet’s international NoCap network.

Collect 50,000 euros in sixty days to buy a bus to ride the farm workers to the fields.

Starting today, NoCap launches the fundraising campaign to buy a bus for a free of charge transporting of agricultural workers to the fields for the grape harvest. This will allow eradicating illegality at the source.

Unfortunately, the exploiters also exercise their power over logistics and transport, to ensure work force is always available. We must stop this!

The crowdfunding or donation platform is GoFundMe. Here is the link.

We have 60 days to collect the necessary funds to buy a second hand- but in perfect condition- bus.

50 agricultural workers will be able to use it for free for their journeys. It is only by finding innovative solutions to all the forms of exploitation that we can destroy it.

The health, economic and social emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 makes it even more necessary today to protect agricultural workers. We have to guarantee their safety, since they risk their lives every day to allow us to have fresh and quality food on our tables. They deserve a safe means of transportation to get them to the workplace. The bus will be lent free of charge to those agricultural companies that comply with the labour laws

We need your contribution to provide decent working conditions for agricultural workers, to finally free them from the exploiters.

SUPPORT US! Everyone can donate according to his possibilities.

We are already grateful to everyone who supports us, no matter the amount of the contribution.

There will be a plaque “rete anticapolarato” (network against the capolarato) on the sides of the bus and your names and surnames will be screen-printed on the side panels of the bus that will daily ride agricultural workers to o the harvest fields.

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